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As I said in my flagship post, last week, this is not actually a new blog. It’s almost three years old with a large wealth of previously published titles. I had hoped to import the past posts and comments to this new page because WordPress allows users to do that, but alas my old blog was hosted on IGN. While IGN does in fact use WordPress for their user blog interface, they have chosen to cripple the platform by blocking users from either importing or exporting posts. I even contacted customer support for the site and they told me to copy and paste all the content by hand. Now as much as I do value my past posts and as much as I value my readers, old and new, I have neither the time or the patience to copy and past almost three years of content. So rather than doing that or giving up all that great content on my new blog page, I decided to make a compromise.

I have chosen to create an easy to search directory of all my past posts, organized by year and content type. The first list, which you see here, consists of game reviews in chronological order of publishing. I have provided the name of the game, the platform I played it on, the name of the developer, my rating out of 10, and the date that the review was published. The title of the games are hyperlinks to the original review posts. I have not included demos, alphas, or betas in this list because I felt that such reviews were pointless so many months after the game had already been released. If you really want to read that kind of stuff you can scour my old blog or let me know and I’ll post a list in the comments section of this post. I’d also like to note that this list provides links to the actual review post. As I said in my introductory post last week, the bulk of my reviews today are published on another site called Brash Games and I had posted reviews on another site before that. In the case that the review was posted on a site other than my blog, the link will take you to that other site post as opposed to the blog post that would have led you there in the long run. Many of these games are smaller indies that you probably haven’t heard of, but there are some great games in this list both popular and unknown that are definitely worth checking out, which is why I took the time to create this list.

  1. PowerUp (PC) by Psychotic Psoftware (8.2/10) – 2/17/2014
  2. 1954 Alcatraz (PC) by Daedalic Entertainment (6.8/10) – 4/2/2014
  3. Hyper Gauntlet: Legacy of Nozzlethruster III (PC) by Udell Games (6.3/10) – 4/16/2014
  4. One Finger Death Punch (PC) by Silver Dollar Games (8.7) – 4/30/2-14
  5. Croixleur (PC) by souvenir circ (7.6/10) – 5/28/2014
  6. CreaVures (PC) by Muse Games (5.7/10) – 6/11/2014
  7. Cyberpunk 3776 (PC) by Peter Hann (6.9/10) – 7/23/2014
  8. Super ComboMan (PC) by Adult Swim Games (6.8/10) – 8/6/2014
  9. Au Fond du Gouffre (PC) by Johnny’s Entertainment (4.2/10) – 10/1/2014
  10. Nexionode (PC) by Big Round Eyes (8.1/10) – 11/12/2014
  11. Poon Man (PC) by ScharfBerg (4.4/10) – 11/26/2014
  12. SanctuaryRPG (PC) by Black Shell Games (8.9/10) – 10/10/2014
  13. The Sacred Tears TRUE (PC) by AlphaNuts (6.5/10) – 10/24/2014
  14. Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! (PC) by Nyu Media (5.1/10) – 1/7/2015
  15. Spandex Force: Champion Rising (PC) by KarjaSoft (7.7/10) – 1/21/2015
  16. 8BitBoy (PC) by AwesomeBlade (7.9/10) – 2/18/2015
  17. Rasternauts (PC) by Mostly Fictional (8.3/10) – 4/1/2015
  18. The Impossible Game (PC) by Grip Games (7.1/10) – 4/29/2015
  19. Pid (PC) by Might and Delight (8.1/10) – 5/13/2015
  20. Bit Evolution (PC) by Major Games (8.1/10) – 6/10/2015
  21. Aero’s Quest (PC) by SoloWeb Studios (6.8/10) – 6/17/2015
  22. Color Assembler (PC) by Purple Nebula Games (4.1/10) – 6/24/2015
  23. Overture (PC) by Black Shell Games (7.2/10) – 7/15/2015
  24. Sumo Revise (PC) by Cr2cr Studios (5.4/10) – 7/29/2015
  25. ROGUS: Kingdom of the Lost Souls Review (PC) by Iron Drop Studios (6.7/10) – 8/12/15
  26. Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (PC) by Kupo Games (9/10) – 8/26/2015
  27. Explody Bomb (Wii U) by Alkterios Games (2.6) – 9/11/2015
  28. Prisoner (PC) by Lahiter’s Games (4.9) – 9/21/2015
  29. Lucas the Game (PC) by Timothy Courtney (5.4/10) – 9/25/2015
  30. Tiny Galaxy (Wii U) by Arcane Pixel Games (4.4/10) – 10/5/2015
  31. TeraBlaster (PC) by Black Shell Games (5.6/10) – 10/9/2015
  32. Dungeon Souls (PC) by Mike Studios (5.8/10) – 10/19/2015
  33. Sentris (PC) by Timbre Interactive (7/10) – 11/26/2015
  34. Strider (PS4) by Double Helix Games (7/10) – 12/20/2015
  35. Arcade Archives: MAGMAX (PS4) by Nichibutsu (4/10) – 1/7/2016
  36. Perfect Angle (PC) by Ivanovich Games (5/10) – 1/21/2016
  37. Brunswick Pro Bowling (PS4) by FarSight Studios (6/10) – 3/5/2016
  38. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires (PS4) by Koei Tecmo (8/10) – 3/12/2016
  39. Arcade Archives DOUBLE DRAGON II: The Revenge (PS4) by Technos Japan (4/10) – 3/26/2016
  40. Arcade Archives: Bubble Bobble (PS4) by Taito (5/10) – 4/8/2016
  41. Arcade Archives: TwinBee (PS4) by Konami (4/10) – 4/22/2016
  42. Azkend 2: The World Beneath (PS Vita) by 10tons Ltd. (6/10) – 5/4/2016
  43. Arcade Archives: Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen (PS4) by Nichibutsu (4/10) – 5/20/2016
  44. VEV: Viva Ex Vivo (PS4) by Truant Pixel, LLC (5/10) – 5/27/2016
  45. Crazy Strike Bowling EX (PS4) by Corecell Technology (6/10) – 6/10/2016
  46. Arcade Archives: Ikki (PS4) by Sunsoft (5/10) – 6/24/2016
  47. Asemblance (PS4) by Nilo Studios (6/10) – 7/8/2016
  48. Arcade Archives: BOMB JACK (PS4) by Tehkan (4/10) – 7/27/2016
  49. Hyper Light Drifter (PS4) by Heart Machine (7/10) – 8/3/2016
  50. Arcade Archives: Solomon’s Key (PS4) by Tecmo (5/10) – 8/17/2016
  51. Arcade Archives: Scramble (PS4) by Konami (2/10) – 8/22/2016
  52. Attack on Titan (PS4) by Koei Tecmo (8/10) – 8/26/2016
  53. One Way Trip (PS4) by Beret Applications LLC (4/10) – 9/13/2016
  54. Nebulous (PS4) by Namazu Studios (6/10) – 9/21/2016

Please note that this list does not include every review I’ve ever written. It only includes the ones I’ve published or published previews to on my blog. For my full catalog of reviews not mentioned anywhere in my blog you will have to visit:

  1. Author’s Archive – Brash Games
  2. Author’s Archive – ManaPool

Due to the length of this list I decided to publish the list of opinion articles in next week’s post because of time limitations for preparing the list as well as organization and searching purposes. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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