Guess I Missed It on Gaming Rebellion

This week I published an article about the conflict of interest created by developers continuing preposterously long franchises over multiple console generations. The purpose of this post was to examine the struggle of trying to play catch up with a long franchise that everyone tells you to play but you’re so far behind that trying to catch up for plot purposes is extremely difficult. I published this article on Gaming Rebellion but here’s the introduction:


I’ve had this debate with a number of gamers over the years, but very few of them agree with my position so I wanted to ask a larger part of the gaming community what their views are on the subject. There are a number of franchises in gaming that have and will continue to stand the test of time. These include names like The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, and the list goes on. What’s important to note is that all of the franchises I listed have games that were originally released on consoles from older generations and, with the recent exception of Metal Gear, I haven’t played every title in any of them. The difference is that not all of these franchises have standalone games. You can play pretty much any game in the Mario collection without having played any of the other games and you will be just fine as far as plot goes. At no point will you really feel like you are missing something having not played the other titles. The same can be said for Zelda games and most of the Nintendo collection. But that’s not always the case for many of the long standing and well respected franchises on PlayStation or XBOX (all generations).

You can read the rest right here. Please check out my Author’s Archive for other articles by me on Gaming Rebellion.



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