Imperfect 10:The Last of Us Problem on Gaming Rebellion

This week I published an article about recounting my experiences playing The Last of Us. Specifically it addresses how the game is excellent but nowhere near perfect and as such should not have been given a score of 10 by any of the various review sites that awarded it such a prestigious honor. My intention is not to insult what it still a great game, but rather to address the fact that a perfect score should not be cheapened by current gen hype. I published this article on Gaming Rebellion but here’s the introduction:


Recently, I played The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4. I guess a more appropriate word than recently would be finally because I never actually played the game before. My reasons for putting off such a highly acclaimed game are because I don’t really play zombie games and I rarely play shooters. This is the first zombie game I can remember beating since, like, Halo 2 if you count the Flood, which you shouldn’t. But truthfully I was never actually going to play The Last of Us if not for the constant and incessant prodding of others. You’ve heard and probably said it all before. “It’s the greatest game ever made!” “It got 10’s across the board.” Of course ignoring that 9.5 from Game Informer and 8 from GameSpot, but that’s apparently beside the point. For most people I’ve talked to on the subject, it’s considered the best game made during the PS3 era, of course overlooking gems like GTAV, Skyrim, Tomb Raider (2013) and God of War 3, quite possibly one of the best games ever made in any generation up to that point. Being both a skeptic and a pessimist, I’m always very leery of games and other forms of mass entertainment that are just too over hyped. I have no problem admitting, nay declaring, that I’m not a Harry Potter fan, I found Avatar to be overrated, and I regret purchasing Destiny still to this day. Usually things that the mass public says are amazing tend to be mediocre or ok at best. So I was avoiding ever playing this super hyped up game in not one but two genres I don’t like. It’s only because my cousin finally purchased the game for me and demanded that I play it that I finally took the time.

You can read the rest right here. Please check out my Author’s Archive for other articles by me on Gaming Rebellion.


3 thoughts on “Imperfect 10:The Last of Us Problem on Gaming Rebellion

  1. Really good post. I’m a big fan of The Last of Us and am really glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall. Though even as an avid fan, I agree that it’s by no means perfect. There’s an argument to be made about what’s technically perfect and what’s subjectively perfect, but I’d definitely say The Last of Us is not a technically perfect game. It still has kinks in the graphics, a couple story elements that are more style over substance, and somewhat buggy gameplay. So yes, Last of Us is much more a 9 than a 10.
    I review games, movies, and albums with a scoring system as well. I have yet to give a 10 score, because there’s always a minor flaw that puts the item even a tenth point off of a perfect rating. I want my first 10 to mean something, because it probably should. Until then, a 9/10 is still an A.

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      1. No problem, thanks for writing an awesome article to read. Yeah, it’s not like it would be impossible for me to give something a 10 score, but if there’s something wrong, giving a 10 is dishonest. The highest I’ve ever given was a 9.8/10 to an Eminem album, and if I ever review TLOU, I’d probably give it around the same score.

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