Gaming Photography – Detention

Time for another Gaming Photography Post. Recently I beat a Taiwanese indie game called Detention.

This is an amazing point and click horror story based on historical events. It ties directly to Taiwanese cultural beliefs about ghosts and karma. While it is a 2D point and click, the small studio did a great job of creating a scary atmosphere and a compelling story. I was very impressed with the game overall. Currently it’s actually on sale for Halloween on both Steam and PSN and I highly recommend it. It will only take you 5 – 6 hours tops, which is why you’ll want to grab it at sale price. I played the Steam version.

So now I’d like to present my top 10 photos from Detention. As always, I make it a point of only taking natural in game shots. I don’t use photo modes or alter the brightness/color settings except in special situations. I took my photos for this game through Steam‘s screenshot system. I also post them on my Twitter and Instagram often.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*If you’d like to see the full resolution image please right click and press “view image”.

Please let me know what you think of my shots. Any feedback is appreciated because I would like to improve my gaming photography skills.

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