Bloggiversary 2019 (6 Years With No Missed Weeks!)

This week marks the sixth anniversary of my weekly gaming blog. That’s six straight years of writing about games/digital entertainment related topics on a weekly basis. And not a single week has been missed. This was an amazing year of gaming related experiences and developments for me. I got to attend both CES and Gamescom for the first time. I competed on stage at a large scale gaming event (Gamescom with Ubisoft’s Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle) and didn’t suck, even though I did end up losing my match. I was invited to one of Ubisoft’s studios and able to give feedback in person. I met gamers from all over the world and established new friendships. I finally got to play Kingdom Hearts III, which I actually haven’t finished yet but it’s important to acknowledge something that I waited more than 10 years to finally do. It has been a monumental year of gaming.

Gamescom-2018One of the biggest developments this year was that I finally got my camera setup going for live streams. No more voice only streams. No more funny snail avatar. I’m streaming with a real camera and showing my actual face while streaming with solid quality video and audio. This is something that I have been working towards for a solid three or more years but had countless roadblocks and technical issues along the way. Even after I got a camera and an expensive streaming mic, I still had a number of issues. It was only because of two freak occurrences that I was finally able to get my setup working properly on all fronts. The first was that my friends at Patriot/Viper Gaming gave me a headset stand that works as a mixer for my headset mic. This was not the intent or reason I wanted a headset stand but without this piece of equipment I was having major audio issues with my streams. Literally the first time I tried using the headset stand for streaming it worked perfectly. So I owe a big thankyou to Patriot/Viper Gaming for sponsoring me that headset stand.

Episode - Screenshot 2019-04-25 19-40-07The second major occurrence that helped me finally get my streams in order was that Humble Bundle had a streaming software sale that allowed me to get a lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam for $1. Streaming my face was a problem because I couldn’t show my apartment in streams for personal reasons. Ironically I have recently moved since I got married two months ago and now actually can show my apartment during stream but I will continue not doing so since I have the software anyway. The point is that I needed to hide my background in streams but couldn’t afford to buy a green screen. That’s the only reason I was using Facerig for the time that I was. But with VCam I’m able to remove the background digitally, allowing me to stream my face without my apartment showing. This also led me to trying out Streamlabs OBS which is much better than the previous streaming software I was using. Because of these major developments, my streams have improved in quality and presentation by a considerable margin over the past year. And I’m glad to finally have kept that promise I said I was working towards so long ago.

73101611_699217857233425_335869371714895872_nI’ve also had a lot of personal non-gaming related developments this year. I got married, moved for the first time in four years, adopted a dog, and finished my latest screenplay. It has been a busy year full of milestones and achievements. Admittedly, my total gaming time has decreased somewhat but my general happiness has increased. Even though raising/training a newborn puppy is an absolute nightmare and I’ve been sleep deprived since mid-October, I’m happier overall than I was this time last year.

While the total amount of gaming I did in the last year was less than in 2018, I still got to play some amazing games. So here’s the list of games I beat since my last bloggiversary.

Games 2019 BloggiversaryI want to express just how grateful I am to my readers and supporters for participating in this blog for the last six years. Without your support and participation, there is no blog. There are no YouTube or Twitch channels. All of this exists because of your continued engagement. So without dragging this post on for longer than it needs to be, allow me to end it here with a simple thank you. Here’s to another great year of gaming.

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As always, thanks for reading. Please take the time to follow my blog, leave a comment, and check out some of my other channels if you enjoyed what you read.

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