Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Review – 6/10

If you’re in the market for a port of a mediocre 2D fighter then look no further because that’s exactly what I reviewed this week. Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is easily a pass, but if you have interest in this recent port then please read my review before spending your money. I published this review on Brash Games, but here’s the introduction:

chaos code

The problem with 2D fighters is that at the end of the day they’re mostly all the same. So many smaller developers using the same washed out formula to try and be the next e-sports phenomenon. The problem is that’s a one in a million chance when you have to go up against big budget masterpieces like Injustice and well established staple franchises like Street Fighter. Occasionally something smaller like BlazBlue or Skull Girls gets picked up but people often forget that even those developers aren’t that small or new. What this has led to is a constant stream of pretty run of the mill fighting games, all of which are good enough to exist, but none of which are noteworthy in any way. They all just hope that their music, characters, and story stand out enough to gain a cult following. The recently released (3/15/2017) Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe by Arc System Works is another such commonplace fighting game. In case you weren’t aware, Arc System Works is the company that developed BlazBlue.

You can read the rest of the review here. For this and other reviews by me on Brash Games you can also check out my Author’s Archive page.

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Berserk and the Band of Hawk Review – 8/10

This week I was fortunate enough to get to review the highly anticipated Berserk and the Band of Hawk by Koei Tecmo. A game based on a fairly popular anime from a studio that needs no introduction. So without further adieu here’s the introduction to my review:


I have always enjoyed a good anime adaptation game. I’ve said before that I find most anime based video games disappointing because the bulk of them end up being basic fighters and just ignoring the things that actually made the anime good outside of just combat sequences. The fact that the only well-known Naruto games are all just clones of Mortal Kombat really depresses me. That’s why I rarely play any anime based games today. The other thing that limits the amount of anime games I play is that up until now I had never seriously played a game based on an anime I hadn’t seen before. Berserk and the Band of Hawk by Koei Tecmo is the first game I’ve ever played based on an anime I had no interest in.

You can read the rest of the review here. For this and other reviews by me on Brash Games you can also check out my Author’s Archive page.

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Small Radios Big Televisions Review – 5/10

This week I published a review of the recently released Adult Swim Games title, Big Radios Small Televisions. This was a highly enjoyable small scale point and click adventure. I published this review on Brash Games, but here is the introduction:


I’ve reviewed more than one title from Adult Swim Games and usually they end up disappointing me, which is really depressing because I happen to really like Adult Swim’s television programming. But today the losing streak comes to an end. Small Radios Big Televisions is a recently released point and click adventure that strips everything about the genre down to the bare minimum in order to create a surprisingly fulfilling experience.

You can read the rest of the review here. For this and other reviews by me on Brash Games you can also check out my Author’s Archive page.

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Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Ascension Review – 6/10

As I had originally said in my introductory post, I want this space to be a place where you can have access and updates about all of my gaming related content. I’d like to not only post discussion articles here, but also links and summaries to content I’m publishing in other places, my YouTube videos, game reviews, and all types of other gaming related things I’m involved in. So consider today’s post the first of this effort.

This week I published a review of the recently released Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Ascension by Koei Tecmo. This review was published on Brash Games, which is an excellent site where I’ve been writing reviews for over a year. This particular game is a historical battle simulation game. I found this one to be lacking in comparison to other historical battle sims I’ve played by Koei Tecmo. I always make it a point to post the introduction of my reviews on my blog to give you a preview of my thoughts on the game, but you should definitely go read the whole thing if you want to find out more about the game. I’m happy to answer comments about the review either here or directly on that page. Whatever is easier for you works great for me. Here’s the introduction:


I’m no stranger to Koei Tecmo games and as such I’ve become very familiar with what to expect from them. In many ways this has made me an even bigger fan of theirs because I’ve experienced so much good work from them. But the many reviews of their games I’ve done have also shown me just how unoriginal a lot of their newer products are. Today Koei Tecmo’s catalogue of games can be split into two main groups: Historical Simulation Games and Other. Their other category includes titles like Attack on Titan, Toukiden, and the upcoming Nioh. All three of these are excellent titles that I personally own or will own in the case of Nioh and highly recommend. There are also countless other games in various genres that fall into this same other category. But the main staple of Koei Tecmo is their historical battle simulations.

You can read the rest of the review here. For this and other reviews by me on Brash Games you can also check out my Author’s Archive page.

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Old Blog Page Directory – Articles

As I said last week, this week I will complete the catalog of my old blog page content by providing an easy to use list of all the non-review articles I ever published on my blog. While many of these posts are about dated topics, most of the points are still important to think about in the current gaming climate. Many of the topics addressed are about issues that the gaming community and industry are struggling with right now such as DLC and disappointing development practices. I don’t think any of the topics discussed in these articles are necessarily past being relevant for discussion and I’m happy to and hoping that the discourse continues so feel free to post comments right here on this page with reference to specific articles from the list and I’d be happy to answer them.

As with my reviews, many of my articles were published on other websites and then referenced through preview posts on my blog. In order to make it more convenient for my readers, I have again opted to make the links in this list go directly to the actual article posts rather than to my original blog posts which will ultimately lead to those other links anyway.

  1. 2013
    1. Change the Game Blog – Introduction (11/8/2013)
    2. No Need for Next Gen (11/11/2013)
    3. The Long CONsole (2 Part Series)
      1. Part 1 (11/18/2013)
      2. Part 2 (11/25/2013)
    4. What’s the Rush? (12/2/2013)
    5. The Do’s & Don’ts of a Good Franchise (4 Part Series)
      1. Part 1 (12/9/2013)
      2. Part 2 (12/16/2013)
      3. Part 3 (12/23/2013)
      4. Part 4 (12/30/2013)
  2.  2014
    1. Moving Forward with the Uncharted Series (1/6/2014)
    2. The Square Enix Problem (2 Part Series)
      1. Part 1 (1/13/2014)
      2. Part 2 (1/20/2014)
    3. I’ve Already Paid (DLC in Gaming) (3 Part Series)
      1. Part 1 (1/27/2014)
      2. Part 2 (2/3/2014)
      3. Part 3 (2/10/2014)
    4. Steam Machines (WTF are you guys doing?) (2/24/2014)
    5. My dream for an Attack on Titan Video Game (3/3/2014)
    6. It’s Too Real (3/26/2014)
    7. Why you should support the OTONX by EnGeniux (4/10/2014)
    8. We All Lose When It’s Pay to Win (4/23/2014)
    9. The Future of Gaming (5/14/2014)
    10. Why Puppeteer Does it Right (5/21/2014)
    11. Things not to do in an RPG (A rant about Dragon’s Dogma) (6/4/2014)
    12. Is E3 a Good Thing? (6/18/2014)
    13. Developer Intent Vs. Gamer Usage (7/2/2014)
    14. Abnormal Pricing in the Gaming Industry (7/16/2014)
    15. The Greatest Beta Ever Played . . . By Me. (Destiny Beta Review) (7/30/2014)
    16. How to make a Guardians of the Galaxy Game the Right Way (8/13/2014)
    17. The Game Reviewer’s Struggle (8/20/2014)
    18. Why I preordered Destiny on PS3 instead of PS4 (8/27/2014)
    19. Tokyo Jungle & My Dream for a Sequel (9/10/2014)
    20. Unnecessary Reporting (9/24/2014)
    21. The Betrayal of Insomniac Games (A rant about Sunset Overdrive) (10/8/2014)
    22. None of the Above . . . The Gamergate Conspiracy (10/22/2014)
    23. It’s Not the End. This is only the Beginning. (1 Year Blog Anniversary) (11/5/2014)
    24. Got a Wii U and that’s NOT a Bad Thing (11/19/2014)
    25. Having Fun is Glorious Too (12/3/2014)
    26. A Rant About the 20th Anniversary PS4 (12/17/2014)
    27. Gamer Quiz 1 (12/31/2014)
  3.  2015
    1. Do Video Games Have to be Fun? (1/14/2015)
    2. 2014 Year in Review for Gamers (1/28/2015)
    3. Try New Things But Don’t Settle for Shit . . . A Rebuttal (2/11/2015)
    4. Nothing Bad About Backlogs (2/25/2015)
    5. A Practical Call for more Diversity in Gaming Protagonists (2 Part Series)
      1. Part 1 (3/4/2015)
      2. Part 2 (3/11/2015)
    6. Bad Games . . . Good Co-op (3/25/2015)
    7. What’s Going on Nintendo? (4/8/2015)
    8. Dragon Age Inquisition Killed the PS3 for Me (4/22/2015)
    9. Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy Should Offend You (5/6/2015)
    10. Splatoon Testfire Demo Review (5/20/2015)
    11. These Aren’t the Games We’re Looking For (Marvel by TellTale Games?) (6/3/2015)
    12. WTF Bungie! (The Taken King DLC) (7/1/2015)
    13. Hooray for Steam Refunds (7/8/2015)
    14. Reviews Don’t Need to Match (7/22/2015)
    15. A World Without Iwata (8/5/2015)
    16. Shenmue 3 KickStarter? (8/19/2015)
    17. Support Gaming Equality – #SonyHatesAmerica (9/2/2015)
    18. It’s Called Metroid Not Samus (9/16/2015)
    19. Sly Cooper 4 Leads the Pack in Diversity (9/30/2015)
    20. Almost Missed a Great Game . . . Bad Demos (10/14/2015)
    21. PlayStation Plus Woes (10/28/2015)
    22. Can I Get an Alien: Isolation MMO? (11/11/2015)
    23. Happy 2 Year (Blog) Anniversary (11/18/2015)
    24. Patient 0 . . . The Zombie Game We’ve Never Gotten (12/9/2015)
    25. Finally Got a PS4 (12/16/2015)
    26. The Long Game: How Much is Too Much? (12/23/2015)
  4. 2016
    1. 2015 Year in Review (1/6/2016)
    2. Should We Buy the Nintendo NX (1/20/2016)
    3. An American at Taipei Game Show (2/3/2016)
    4. An In Depth Analysis of The Division Beta (2/10/2016)
    5. Goodbye Sonic the Hedgehog (2/17/2016)
    6. The Division Open Beta Follow Up: A Detailed Analysis (3/2/2016)
    7. Quantum Break and the Death of Exclusivity (3/23/2016)
    8. No Man’s Price (4/6/2016)
    9. “My Nintendo” . . . a Rewards Program? (4/20/2016)
    10. Don’t hate the players… FIX YOUR GAME! (5/4/2016)
    11. What Makes a Good Boss Fight? (The Hard vs. Fun Problem) (5/18/2016)
    12. Woot for the Wooting one Keyboard (6/8/2016)
    13. Nintendovation (6/22/2016)
    14. God of War… or Dad of War? (7/6/2016)
    15. Let the Dead Rest (7/20/2016)
    16. How Game of Thrones SHOULD End (8/6/2016)
    17. Goodbye PS3 . . . It’s Been Real (8/10/2016)
    18. Pokemon GO – Gotta Hate ‘Em All! (8/18/2016)
    19. Game Development: Art or Business? (9/7/2016)
    20. Star Fox Zero Growth (9/22/2016)

This concludes my catalog of all the content I’ve written on my original blog page since it’s beginning in 2013 to now. Next week I will officially start this blog with new written content. I apologize for the long winded introduction, but I felt that all this information was important for my new readers to be given a chance to get to know what sorts of content to expect as well as my perspective on key issues in gaming and my general writing style. Thanks for sticking it out.

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Welcome Home


I’m DJMMT also known as The DOC. Welcome to my gaming blog. For those of you tuning in for the first time, this is not a new blog. In fact it’s been going strong since the very first post on November 8th, 2013. Since that original introductory post, I have been going strong and have never missed a single week of posting. That’s the first promise I’ll make you as a new reader. This blog is consistent. Every week there will be a new post. As the name suggests, this is a gaming blog. Occasionally I dabble in film, television, and comics but I always try to relate it back to gaming in some way or I post two articles in the same week with one being about gaming. That’s the second promise I’ll make to you as a new reader. This is a gaming blog and as such you will get gaming related content on a weekly basis, usually on Wednesday mornings, Pacific Standard Time.

I first started this blog with the goal of talking about serious topics in the gaming community and industry with the hope that somehow I would lead to changing the way people think and ultimately purchase video games. In my own way I wanted to change the ways video games are made and sold from the ground up by focusing on the consumers rather than complaining to developers directly. I truly believe in the power of the dollar and that the gamers, when we rally together, have more power than the industry wants us to realize. Since I started this blog I have seen amazing things happen. Not all of them good things, but many examples of what gamers can do when they organize and speak with one voice. That’s why I continue to write this blog. That’s also why originally this blog was called “Change the Game Blog”. Because like the name suggests, I want to change game development practices. That’s also why my motto is “Don’t change the players, change the games.”

Since the humble beginnings of this blog, a lot has changed. In no small part because of this blog, I am now regularly writing sponsored (games provided, not money) game reviews for one site and gaming related opinion articles for another. This blog also helped me get my current job as a copywriter at a PC components manufacturer called Cooler Master. Because of all the writing I’m now doing, this blog has slowly evolved into a HUB site for my gaming related writing in other places. Many, but not all, of my posts end up being previews of things I’ve published somewhere else. I believe this is important because it makes this page an easy way for my readers to be aware of everything I’m doing in relation to gaming. I understand that it can be seen as an inconvenience for some to have to come to my blog page only to then have to go somewhere else, but currently I don’t get the readership my posts deserve when publishing directly on my own page. Once the situation changes and I’m getting views and comments at a frequency that makes this page more valuable than writing for someone else’s page, I will most certainly publish directly here for the convenience of my readers. Usually this page is used just to display my writing, but I’d like to push it farther than that. I plan on also providing embedded videos of my weekly posts on YouTube as well as information about my streams and other gaming related work. Essentially I’d like this to be a one stop shop for all your gaming needs.

I’d also like this to be an interactive space so anything I post will have an open comments section and I will respond to all comments right here. Even if the article is posted somewhere else, feel free to comment here and I will answer it directly as soon as I can. I’d also like your feedback and suggestions. If there’s something you’d like to see written, discussed, or recorded please feel free to leave me a comment or use the contact page to message me directly. I’m always happy to discuss the things my readers want to discuss because that’s the ultimate purpose of this blog. This is a place for gamers to discuss serious gaming related topics.

For my long time followers, or just anyone whose seen my original blog on IGN, you’re probably wondering why after all this time would I change blog spaces. The answer is simple. IGN is a broken mess and has been for a long time. When I first started blogging, I thought it would be a great place to write about games. Gamers were coming there anyway so why not? First of all, it’s terrible for non-IGN sponsored writers because getting to the blog section is not super convenient or apparent on the site. Second, IGN does little to nothing to promote dedicated bloggers. But technically that’s not their job so whatever.

The main reason I left is that the back end of the site is totally screwed up and has been for quite some time. This wasn’t always true, but for the past several months the problems have only gotten worse. Often my blog link doesn’t work. When you try to click it from my Twitter bio and other places I have it posted, you will often get a 404 page. I can’t explain why this is because the blog is live and I publish(ed) new content every week, but often the link just refuses to work. This is true for many blogs on the site by the way. I’ve taken the time to check around. The account status updates no longer work. If you go to my page and look at the status, it will say “This week I published an article about how devs need to take responsibility for faulty coding & not punish players for using non-hacking exploits.” The date will say # of months since posted. Last time I checked it was four. The reason for this lack of updating is not because I haven’t tried to update it. It’s because it no longer allows me to update it. It’s stuck on that status and though I have contacted IGN support numerous times about the issue it was never fixed. Another big problem is that the follower counter is broken. It always reads zero even though I had more than 50 followers when it finally stopped working. The followers are still there. I can still go check them in the followers page. But the front page counter is broken and always reads zero. Because of issues like these, I finally decided that it was time to branch out and start my own WordPress.

Expect the same great quality and consistency with none of the technical issues. And now we’ve got some new bells and whistles like my Instagram feed, dedicated side links, and way nicer banners. But this day does not just commemorate a better, cleaner looking blog. All my channels are being revamped as part of the process. You may have noticed my logo has been updated and new banners have been created that weren’t present on my original blog. This is also true on my Twitter profile, YouTube channel, and my Twitch channel. This isn’t just a new coat of paint though. There will be some noticeable changes/improvements.

On YT you will start seeing better quality videos. The two biggest problems with my channel were sound, and graphics in a far off but definitely noticeable second. The sound issues have been improved vastly. You can now actually hear the commentary and the gameplay. If you’re using speakers or a headset you should have no audio problems and if you’re using laptop speakers it should be at least doable. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve the sound quality even more in the near future once I purchase a better mic. My Twitch channel will finally become active. I’ve finally gotten a PS4 camera and the other tools I need to stream at least some content at an acceptable level. The stream schedule is not set in stone yet, but streaming will start this week and may already have by the time you read this post. And in the near future this will be expanding to PC gaming. I’ve been saving for a long time to build a new PC and I’m finally getting the project going. I already have the case, power supply, and SSD thanks in no small part to a sponsorship from Cooler Master. I’m waiting to hear about some other possible sponsorships and then I will purchase the rest of the necessary parts out of pocket. This will be a build that allows for Full HD streaming and recording with a high quality microphone so that you can enjoy my content the way it was meant to be experienced. I’ve also started an Instagram that can be viewed on the right side of this blog. Feel free to follow me for all gaming related pictures.

I’d like to take this time to thank all my loyal readers who have stuck with me through the good times and the bad. I know your time is valuable and that taking the time to read someone’s content is no small commitment. Especially when it’s as long as some of my stuff is. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff and it’s because of you that companies and websites alike have given me the opportunity to write for them. You are greatly valued as a part of this process and if possible I would like to start doing some sort of giveaways to loyal and active readers as a small token of my thanks.

For new readers, thank you for taking the time to check out this space and I hope you decide to come back and experience what I have to offer. The first real post will of course be published next week. Thanks for reading.



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