Gaming Photography – Sonic Forces (NS)

Computex is now over but I’m still very busy with work. This week I’m not even home because I’m traveling for work so rather than write my customary E3 rant (hopefully I’ll have time for that next week) here’s another Gaming Photography post. I don’t like the fact that I ended up doing these back to back but I do what I can with the time and resources I have. Somehow I was able to beat Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch in the midst of Computex so I wanted to do my customary screenshots recap.

I have to say that Sonic Forces was better than I expected it to be. It’s been literal years since the last time I played a Sonic game that I thought was actually good. Even average makes me happy for this franchise in recent years. This game was genuinely good. The gameplay was solid yet had some originality to it. The story was pretty good and had some real drama in it. My only real complaint was that this game was extremely short. Even with the Shadow DLC, I managed to beat the whole thing in under six hours.

I only took just over 200 pictures while playing this game so it’s not a huge number to choose from. Here’s my top 10 screenshots. For this game I used the Nintendo Switch capture system and then recaptured those images with my Elgato HD60 Pro. I also post game photos on my Twitter and Instagram often.

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*If you’d like to see the full resolution image please right click and press “view image”.

Please let me know what you think of my shots. Any feedback is appreciated because I would like to improve my gaming photography skills.

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